Evaluating water perspectives in 4 Indian states (ABSTRACT)

This is a report evaluating the water and related concerns in 4 states of India – Bihar, Maharashtra, Odisha and Rajasthan. Every week a part of the report will be published. Abstract and contents of the entire report has been provided in this post.)


Author : Konica Sehgal


India is designated as a water stressed nation. The rural water coverage stands at 77% and water quality affected habitations at 4% as in 2016. The report evaluates rural water supply in four Indian states; Bihar, Odisha, Rajasthan, Maharashtra. Bihar and Odisha take the third last and second last positions respectively in comparison with other Indian States In the Human Development index as in 2015. Bihar is a ground water abundant state while Maharashtra receives its supply of water from rivers and is traditionally a better off state, more so in its water infrastructure. Rajasthan is the largest Indian state by area where drafting of ground water stands at 125% of the recharge. Each state being different in its character, have different problems and different mechanisms to tackle with the same. This report evaluates the extent of availability, the quality of water in these states and the technologies we can deploy to help improve the situation. We further see how PPP can help and where each state stands at PPP implementation in the rural water sector.



  1. Introduction
  2.  Effects of bad quality water to other areas
  3. How the problem is being addressed?
  4. Technologies
  5. Role of PPPs and how can it help
  6. Conclusion